Bucharest, 12 September

I had about the most hair-raising drive I've ever had in my life through Bucharest. We were in two cars with me bringing up the rear. We had to get O. and D. to the train station. As I had no clue where I was going (not an unusual situation) if I lost the first car it would have been all over. I got many dirty looks, honks, shaken fists, curses—you name it—as I refused any interference between us. Romanians are merciless when it comes to automotive behavior but I prevailed. At the train station, the parking attendant tried desperately to get rid of us so we had a very rushed and clumsy parting. Suddenly, after all these gloriously wonderful days with "my family", I was on my own. I sadly pointed the car in a southwesterly direction and prayed that I would make it out of the city alive.