A Collection of Central European Contemporary Writing
Andrew Fincham, James G. Coon, John a'Beckett (eds.)
New Europe Writers, Warsaw, 2011
ISBN 978-0-9568598-0-8

New Europe Writers - Your Guide to Life Behind the Iron Curtain

In 2005, New Europe Writers began a ten year project to capture the spirit of a united Europe.

Centered on a city, each volume presents essential contemporary writing from new and established authors that captures the vitality and variety of this dynamic place and time.

Bucharest Tales is the fourth of these anthologies, providing a panoramic insight into the Carpathian Garden and beyond:

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Editorial Note

Penguins - Florin Bican
My City in the Morning - Flavia Cosma
Antiprimavera - Adrian Păunescu
Bucharest 5 - Igor Isakovski
Mr. Escu’s Adventure - Dan Lungu
Looking for Words - Jo Anne Growney
Great Street - David Hill
Religious Vision - David Hill
The Ambulance - Sândor Kânyâdi
Bill Clinton’s Hand - Doina Ruști
15 Olteț St, Room 305 - loan Es. Pop
Democracy - Mike Ormsby
The Violin-maker - Grete Tartler
Zgaiba - Stelian Tanase
Madonna and Elvis - Ioana Ieronim
Ella at Free Europe - Dan Danila
Mother Tongue - Mike Ormsby
The Tram in The Old City - Paul Sohar
Church on Wheels - Ioana Ieronim
Strada C. A. Rosetti - Christopher Bakken
Home - Ion Munteanu
Ana, Camil, Niculina, and Me - Helena Drysdale
The Farce - Carmen Firan
The Scent of Love - Călin Torsan
Anamorphosis - Denisa Comanescu
The Seacoasts of Bessarabia - Jennifer Robertson
Remember - Denisa Comanescu
The Bear Cave - JoAnne Growney
Uncle Dint and the Protochronists - Andrew Fincham
At the Racecourse - Grete Tartler
Sadova Winter - Constantin Preda
A Journey Around the World - Bogdan Suceavă
Open Sesame - Simona Popescu
Where Lemon Trees Bloom - Mircea Cărtărescu
Cenotaph - James G. Coon
The Street Sweeper - Jennifer Robertson
Opus mulierum - Grete Tartler
Chewing Gum - Lucian Dan Teodorovici
Bunjee jumping - Dan Mircea Cipariu
A Story Within A Story - Raluca Rodica Ratiu
Can One Hear the Shape of a Drum? - Bogdan Suceavă
Ceausescu's Daughter’s Bedroom - Nick Drake
15 Olteț St, Room 305 - loan Es. Pop
The Promised Land - Mike Ormsby
Hiking in The Harghita - Paul Sohar
Azuga - Andrew Fincham
July - Grete Tartler
Stolen Taste - Saviana Stanescu
Instant Man - A. Bo
Let it rain! - Traian T. Coșovei
Love’s Labours1 Lost - Ioana-Raluca Raducanu
Epitaph - Ionel Riti

Notes on Contributors


This is the fourth annual collection of ‘Tales’ assembled from the writings of New Europe. It continues a wider project that seeks to quicken an interest in both traditions and cultures through the stories and poetry of those who have experienced the developments of the past two decades.

As in life, the anthologist learns lessons. This volume contains pieces old and new, by new and established writers; those who have spent a lifetime, a previous lifetime or merely part of their lives in the region now called Romania.

This pocket collection for the travelling reader appears at a time when there is something of a festival of contemporary Romanian Literature in English translation, as reflected in the rise of literary periodicals. The Editors would like to acknowledge with gratitude the courtesy and assistance forthcoming from Florin Bican of the Romanian Cultural Institute and Professor Lidia Vianu and her translators at Bucharest University. We are also indebted to the experienced advice of Jean Harris and Dan Cipariu.

As collage is not a suitable medium to replicate a single detailed image, so this collection introduces tales to provide a taste of place, and a reason to look further into the extraordinary lands known as Romania. And there’s not a vampire to be found anywhere.

(Or perhaps just one...)

Safe travels!

Andrew Fincham
James G. Coon
John a’Beckett

The Editors
New Europe Writers