by Rositsa Malcheva-Zlatkova
Avangard Print, Bulgaria
ISBN 978-954-337-053-5


Karaulnoto (The Sentry-Box)
Srebarnia Kladenets (The Silver Well)
The Divine Garden
The Blue Arrow (Prince Nicolas, Villa)
Sinyata Valna Garden - Magnolia Place (Blue Wave)
The Temple of Water - Nympheum
White Liliums Alley
The Chapel "Stella Maris"
Garden with Cross-Like Water Mirror
The Holy Spring
The Gethsemane Garden
Sinyata Valna Garden and the Bridge
Sinyata Valna Garden
English Court Garden
The Waterfall and Power Station of the Palace
The Bridge of Sighs
"Korona" ("Crown") Restaurant and the Small Cave
"The Guestroom of the Queen" and "The Royal Wine Cellar"
"The Three Watermills Restaurant"
Moara Villa
Wine Alley
Sewing Room and Throne
The Tihoto Gnezdo (Quiet Nest) Villa
The Alley of the Centuries
The Garden of Alexander
The Suspended Terraces - Labyrinth
The Smoking Room
The Grave of  Marie
Gutmann Villa
Princess Ileana Garden
Suite Villa
The Garden of the Weeping Trees
Izbanda Villa and Kazarmata Villa
Gabka Villa, the Cloister and the Farm
Administration, the Garden of Mircea and the Movie Theatre