by Alexander Lambov
Slavena Publishing House, Varna
ISBN 954-579-390-2

The aim of this writing is to throw some light upon the true history of the 'Tehna Yova' (Quiet Place) Palace at Balchik by using reliable facts and the memories of contemporaries. To clear away the wrong, naive and somewhat crude and nihilistic ideas that have piled up over the years and are often rather frivolously and carelessly presented to the curious tourist public that come to this delightful spot of Bulgaria.

I hope that this research, though rather cursory, of the Romanian Queen Marie's residence in Balchik will contribute to the historiography of the 'White Town' during the time of its Romanian occupation.

It is a significant fact that the then citizens of Balchik, though amazed at the splendour of the Romanian high society, never lost their national dignity and Bulgarian consciousness.

Alexander Lambov is of an old Balchik family on the paternal side. His grandfather, Alexander Lambov was a county deputy Justice of the Peace till 1913. The author has been working as a journalist more than 35 years and a founder of the Balchik Newspaper of Balchik.


The Beginning
Marie - Her Personality
The Philosophy of Creation
Queen Marie and Europe
Marie's Heart
The Court Mysteries
The Tall White Apparition
The Queen's Retinue