By Marie of Romania
Illustrated by Sulamith Wlfing
Bluestar Communications, Woodside, 2001
ISBN 1-885394-50-0

This book tells the story of the "Sunchild." She is a heavenly being that came to earth to serve all humans and to dry their tears. She passes undiscovered throughout the world and brings blessings and consolation wherever her small feet touch the earth. Nobody realizes who this person truly is when she enters their sad and dark dwellings. Only when she is gone do they sense that something changed.

But the Sunchild follows her path of love, humility and compassion. She gathers the tears and the sorrows of the world and uses them to bring the LIGHT upon the earth. Maria von Romanien's story is a masterpiece, one that touches the heart and moves its readers to tears.

No other artist is better suited to illustrate this tender story than Sulamith Wlfing. Her wonderful art captured the love as well as the sorrow of the accompanying words.

This is a book for joy and for tears. A wonderful gift book.

Marie of Romania

Marie, Queen of Romania and consort of Ferdinand, was born in 1875 as the daughter of Alfred, Duke of Edinburgh and of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha. She was the granddaughter of Czar Alexander II of Russia and of Queen Victoria of England. Marie was instrumental in bringing Romania into the Allied camp in World War I, and she followed the Romanian armies as a Red Cross nurse. Her writings in English include novels and collections of fairy tales, as well as her autobiographies (1934 and 1935). She died in 1938.

Sulamith Wlfing 

Sulamith Wlfing was born in 1901 in Wuppertal-Elberfeld, Germany. After finishing her high-school education, she attended art academy for four years. She held her first exhibition in her home-town, Wuppertal, when she was only twenty-two years old.

In the Second World War, she was persecuted by the Nazis and had to flee with her son and mother while her husband fought for Germany. During the war, the family experienced a number of tragic events, before they eventually met again at Christmas 1945. Sulamith Wlfing has always been convinced that only the spiritual support of Jiddu Krishnamurti, whom she honored as her teacher, prevented her from being transferred to a concentration camp by Hitler's SS.

For Sulamith, the years after the Second World War were filled with intense artistic activity and publishing. She died in March 1989 at the age of 88.

Sulamith is an internationally acclaimed artist. But more than anything else, her art touches the hearts of countless people throughout the world.

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