Gabriel Badea-Päun
    Noi Media Print, Bucureºti, 2009
    ISBN: 978-973-1805-58-0


This volume brings together studies by Gabriel Badea-Paun, a young Romanian art historian (b.1973) awarded the Prix du Cercle Montherlant-Académie des Beaux-Arts in 2008 by the Academy of Fine Arts of the Institute of France for The Society Portrait XIX-XXe, (Citadelles et Mazenod, Paris, 2007). These studies are dealing with previously neglected topics and are based on unpublished or difficult to access archival sources (Bibescu chapel at the Père Lachaise cemetery; a private tomb hitherto unstudied; the private archives of the Lecomte du Nouy and Emile Gallé families, both in Paris ; that of the de Laszlo family in London, as well as the National Archives in Paris and the records and documentation from the Musée d'Orsay and Musée du Louvre). The main emphasis is laid on commission as a trigger of artistic creation, whether used for the creation of an effigy or monuments with a political or private purpose (portraits of the royal family by Lecomte du Nouy, Philip de László or Michel-Menelas Simonidy, whose body of works is fully recorded by the author for the first time), or to create artistic emotion (George Stirbey's patronage of the sculptor Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux, and Carmen Sylva’s of Emile Gallé, completely unknown until now in Romania). These studies not only highlight the movements of patrons, artists or works of art between Romania and France, but also the taste developed through the interaction between artist and patron.

Noi Media Print

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