On Tour with Queen Marie



Mrs. Morris and her husband were with Queen Marie of Roumania during her entire stay in America, and indeed, as friends of long standing, had much to do with arranging the Royal tour. This is an intimate record of that tour, covering the Queen’s arrival in this country, her visit to the White House, to the Government House in Ottawa, her reception at Indian encampments where tribal titles were conferred upon her, her visits to the cities of the North West, the dedication of the Maryhill Museum, and the final swing through the South and Middle West, which ended at Indianapolis. In the book are portraits of many of the principal members of the Queen’s party, descriptions not only of the functions held in various cities but of many entertaining incidents of the journey, and much shrewd comment on the Royal visitor’s reactions to America.

On Tour With Queen Marie is published for the benefit of the Roumanian Red Cross.