Nicoleta Petcu
Muzeul Naional Bran, 2007

The National Museum at Bran is famous as well for its valuable changing heritage, the most important exhibit being the collection of textile items, which can be categorized as follows: rugs, brocades, and pieces of embroidery, lace and clothing items. The exhibits were either inherited from the royal family, purchased or of unknown origin. The current exhibition "Textile Heritage" shows 22 exhibits, which were made in several important regions of Europe or in the Orient from the 18th century until the beginning of the 20th century. A selection was made according to their conservation, their importance for that period and according to the limits imposed by a small display. Some of the items displayed were already shown to the public between 1987-1993 in a historical exhibition called "The Pass at Bran" (which was organized at The Custom House until 2003). The items were also displayed in the permanent exhibition at Bran Castle over the years (1957-1987, 1997, 1998-2000). The exhibition comprises several composite items having varied work techniques and types of textiles (starting with the most delicate ones, made of lace and cotton, which are embroidered with noble metallic threads or even decorated with spangles and ending with the Persian rugs).