Directed by Nicolae Mrgineanu
AGER Film, Bucharest, 2004

Bran Castle Bran is the oldest medieval castle in Transylvania. Positioned in a fairy-tale scenery, in the middle of a vast natural amphithe≠ater guarded by two mountain ranges, the castle allows visitors a trip down six centuries of history. And at the same time, it affords the thrill of an imaginary meeting with the celebrated Dracula, who might have stopped at this medieval fortress.

Vlad Tepes vs. Dracula Setting out from the Dracula Market in the yard of the Bran Cattle, we will go on a short trip in search of the truth about Prince Vlad Tepes (The Impaler). A legendary character of the Middle Ages, a great defender of Christianity, famed for his valiance and ruthlessness, Vlad also inspired the story of the vampire Count Dracula.

Royal Bran Castle became a royal residence in 1920 when its owner, the city of Brasov, bestowed it on Queen Mary of Romania. For the next 28 years the old citadel turned into a true castle without losing anything of its medieval charm. In 1957, it became a museum. Old photographs speak about Bran being a royal residence, about its masters and their life at the castle.

The Peasant Citadel of Rasnov At a crossroads of history, on the old commercial road winding through the Bran Pass and connecting Transylvania to Wallachia, lies the city of Rasnov. On a mountain top, overlooking the city, rests a beautiful Peasant Citadel erected in the 13th century as a shield against barbarian invasions.

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Directed by:    Nicolae M„rgineanu
Comment by:  Eva Sirbu
Produced by:  AGER FILM SRL



1. History
2. Customs Museum
3. Visiting the Castle
4. The Council Hall
5. Queen Mary's Apartment
6. King Ferdinand's Apartment
7. Secret Stairways
8. Music Concert
9. Castle Terraces
10. Ethnography Museum
11. "Queen Mary" Exhibition
12. Dracula's Legend

ROYAL BRAN (1920-1948)

1. Donation Deed
2. During World War I
3. The Castle becomes Residence
4. Queen Mary's Heart
5. Queen's Will
6. During World War II
7. Princess Ileana Leaving
8. Bran becomes a Museum


1. Dracula's Legend
2. Dracula Hotel
3. Who was Vlad Tepes
4. Targoviste Citadel
5. Poienari Citadel
6. Old Brasov
7. Bucharest History Museum
8. Comana and Snagov Monasteries


1. History
2. Citadel Description
3. Citadel Fountain
4. Citadel Surroundings