Hospital of the Queen's Heart by Ileana, Princess of Romania

Princess of Romania

Hospital of the Queen's Heart

The thousands of readers of Princess Ileana's engrossing memoirs, I LIVE AGAIN, will remember a brief, tantalizing mention of the hospital she founded in the small Romanian town of Bran. Here is the complete, rich story of that remarkable humanitarian adventure, told with the same warmth, dignity, and sustaining faith in God that characterizes everything about this truly courageous woman.

Early in 1944, Ileana returned to Bran in the Carpathian Mountains where she owned a small castle inherited from her mother, the beloved Queen Marie. Romania was in an uproar: rumors of peace were in the air, but wounded soldiers from both fronts inundated the country. Ileana decided that the most vital assistance she could give her distressed country would be medical, and set about opening a hospital of her own.

This is the story of how it expanded from a military hospital to a full-fledged institution, despite almost incredible difficulties. It is a story filled with anecdotes of hospital life—some sad, some amusing; others telling of tragedy or danger. All are fascinating.

In a world where Communism was inexorably creeping in, Ileana and her colleagues were an inspiring example of the Christian way of life, based on understanding, co-operation, and respect for others. Her book is an amazing demonstration of the interdependence of faith and works.

HOSPITAL OF THE QUEEN'S HEART (Spitalul Inima Reginei in Romanian) gets it name, literally, from the heart of Queen Marie which she left to her people and which rests in a chapel on the mountainside above Bran.

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H.R.H. ILEANA, PRINCESS OF ROMANIA in nurse's uniform,
taken in 1946 at the HOSPITAL OF THE QUEEN'S HEART

Princess Ileana is the daughter of Queen Marie of Romania, great-granddaughter of Queen Victoria, and wife of Archduke Anton of Austria. She now lives with her six children in Massachusetts, and is one of the most popular lecturers in America. Her previous book, I LIVE AGAIN, told the poignant story of her departure, under Communist pressure, from her native land and her successful adjustment to life in America.

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